Tuesday, January 27, 2009

THE POP YEARS IS OVER; HERE COMES CHINA. Joshua Clover reading at Bistro 33—1/21/09

"The pop years is over; here comes China" was my favorite line of the night when Joshua Clover read at the terrific series of readings that Andy Jones is putting together at the Bistro 33 in Davis, California. through primarily using Facebook, Andy has managed to get out the word to the town, its students and others in the surrounding area to meet for a 9:00PM poetry reading that, on Jan. 21 at least, lasted well after 11:00 after all the open mic readers were done. Roughly 140 people were in attendance. Yes, I will write it again in case you think that it is a typo. 140 people were in attendance to watch Joshua Clover read.

Joshua Clover reads "Stop It with your Strategies" [1:41]

Joshua Clover narrates a story about a library [8:56]

Joshua Clover reads "Return to Work at the Wonder Factory". This is a monumental piece with Clover describing his 4-year involvement with thinking about the poem and the financial crisis in the intro. [13:44]

Brad Henderson reads "Western Movies" as part of his neo-cowboyism series. [1:13]

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