Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FENCE 10th ANNIVERSARY READING—AWP Chicago [Feb. 14, 2009]

Rodrigo Toscano reads "Clock, Deck and Movement" [5:59]

Eleni Sikelianos reads "Who thinking on Her Legs (Manifesto)" [2:20]

Eleni Sikelianos reads "Essay: History's Tree (Early Greece)" [1:00]

Prageeta Sharma reads "Value" [2:00]

Prageeta Sharma reads "Deliverance" [1:58]

Kristin Prevallet reads "Dream of Financial Ruin" [3:55]

Geoffrey O' Brien reads "Cascade" [0:37]

K. Silem Mohammad reads "Unobstructed and 4 Sonnets" [6:26]

Brenda Hillman reads "Wind Treaties" [0:51]

Brenda Hillman reads "Styrofoam Cup" [0:29]

Brenda Hillman reads "Sediments of Santa Monica" [1:22]

Duriel Harris reads "Short" [3:32]

Dawn Lundy Martin reads "Religion Song" [4:41]

Thomas Devaney reads "They're Fighting in Atlantic City in Atlantic City" [5:25]

Amy Catanzano reads "Chromatica" and "Notes on the Enclosure of Fields" [2:41]

Rae Armantrout reads "Currency," "In time," "Previews," "Hey," "Anchor," "Procedures" and "Number" [6:19]

Cathy Wagner reads "She May" [1:43]

Cathy Wagner reads "Well in The Chasm of Your Faith Opportunity Tree Why Don't You Crampon Up" [0:51]

Cathy Wagner reads "Song" [1:38]